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           Mobile Aisle Systems
Equipto’s mobile aisle system combines the benefits of high-density storage with the flexibility of V-Grip Shelving, modular drawer and bulk rack. By reducing the number of
access aisles, you can save as much as 50% of your floor space or double your storage capacity in the same space you are currently using.
 A. Bulk rack beams
provide storage levels up to 96” in length.
B. Wire shelves
Mechanical assisted systems
Mechanical assisted system utilizes a driveshaft/gear chain arrangement to permit easy movement of heavyweight loads. Carriages are operated mechanically by means of an exclusive ergonomically designed hand wheel which prevents snagging clothing. It requires less strength and energy to operate.
It’s as easy to turn as the power steering in your car.
A locking feature can be added for extra security.
Keeps a clean look while providing optimum flow of air and light.
C. Modular drawers 18”D & 24”D
in 48 standard sizes and 200 or 400lb. capacity.
D. Manual drive system
grab and pull function.
E. Ramp
available in standard 12” or 24”
to accommodate ADA requirements.
F. Modular platform
surface mounted, leveled tracks and choice of decking.
G. Open/Mechanical style drive column
cost effective while providing greater visibility of items stored in the mobile aisle system.
H. Closed/Mechanical style drive
requires a minimal effort to move 10,000 lbs. of load.
I. Heavy duty wire or solid shelves
J. Fixed Carriage (not shown)
are mounted directly to the tracks or put on the floor using raised foot brackets.
Mobile Aisles

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