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            V-GripTM Shelving features the most efficient fastening principle known:
Corner shelf reinforcements with extruded studs insert easily into tapered slots in uprights. Shelf corner drops firmly over corner reinforcement and seats itself. Four-way, crossed tension minimizes deflection, and imparts superior strength and rigidity to the unit.
  Double-flanged V-Grip uprights allow easy side-by-side assembly of shelving in rows, with the strongest configuration. Each flange of the upright supports a shelf from one adjoining unit only.
Reinforced, heavy-duty V-Grip shelves are constructed of 18-gauge steel, and double-flanged on all four sides for maximum strength and firmness.
Common upright clamp provides back-to-back reinforcement.**
Optional drawers maximize cubic density in V-Grip shelving.
Versatile V-Grip uprights
Permit practical back-to-back assembly of shelving units, with the same, strong reinforcement that actually strengthens shelves and uprights, yet permits their easy adjustment, and features a capacity up to 9000 lbs.
Shelves adjust instantly on 11/2” centers, without disturbing shelves in adjoining units.
    Four corner reinforcements insert into upright; shelf simply fits down over it, and locks into place.*
Tapered slots in uprights accept corner reinforcements for 4-way shelf support.
Double-flanged upright avoids two shelves from adjoining units placing stress on a single flange.
            * Shown in color for clarity, actual part is zinc plated.
** Shown in color for clarity, actual part is galvanized steel.
 A standard color chart is available on page 146.
Shelving & Racks

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