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             V-GripTM Shelving
At the heart of Equipto’s engineered space solutions is V-Grip, an industrial shelving system design that is unmatched in structural integrity and provides the industry’s broadest selection of accessory components to meet virtually any application.
• V-Grip upright posts have an exclusive triangular design that maximizes load-bearing capability while providing a smooth front surface without unsightly holes or hardware.
• Combine V-Grip components to meet specific applications:
• Heavy-duty and medium-duty steel shelves
• Wire shelves for better flow of light and air
• Modular drawers in 48 different sizes with a capacity of 200 or 400 lbs.
• Use full or partial height dividers to create custom storage bins
• Bulk rack options including solid or wire shelves with spans up to 8 feet and capacities up to 3400 lbs. per level
• Back and end panels in any color
• Consult Equipto Inside Sales if you are in a seismic zone
Shelving & Racks
The Versatility of the V-GripTM Upright Post
One post - multiple shelf options
Wire rack truss is designed with a rigid 3-point connection for maximum rigidity.
(see page 11)
Wire shelf with integrated wire truss for maximum rigidity. (see page 6, 11 and 14)
Heavy duty 18 gauge solid steel shelf.
(see page 14)
Multiple connected V-Grip shelving units.
          Bulk rack beams with reinforced drop-in wire decking.
(see pages 22-25)
Bulk rack beams with heavy duty 18 gauge corrugated steel deck panels.
(see pages 22-25)
Modular drawers come in 48 standard sizes in 200 lb. and 400 lb. capacity.
(see pages 15-16)
A standard color chart is available on page 146.

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