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  48’’ Wide 60’’ Wide 72’’ Wide 96’’ Wide Depth Height Starter Add-on Starter Add-on Starter Add-on Starter Add-on
 Standard duty (from 1100 lbs. to 1500 lbs. For specific capacities see chart on page 24)
 72’’ 1006W41S 72’’ 1006W48S
1006W41A 1006W48A 1005W42A 1007W42A 1006W40A 1005W43A 1007W43A 1006W44A
1006W51S 1006W58S 1005W52S 1007W52S 1006W50S 1005W53S 1007W53S 1006W54S
1006W51A 1006W58A 1005W52A 1007W52A 1006W50A 1005W53A 1007W53A 1006W54A
1006W61S 1006W68S 1005W62S 1007W62S 1006W60S 1005W63S 1007W63S 1006W64S
1006W61A 1006W68A 1005W62A 1007W62A 1006W60A 1005W63A 1007W63A 1006W64A
1016W61A 1016W68A 1015W62A 1017W62A 1016W60A 1015W63A 1017W63A 1016W64A
1026W61A 1026W68A 1025W62A 1027W62A 1026W60A 1025W63A 1027W63A 1026W64A
— — — — — — — —
1016W81S 1016W88S 1015W82S 1017W82S 1016W80S 1015W83S 1017W83S 1016W84S
1026W81S 1026W88S 1025W82S 1027W82S 1026W80S 1025W83S 1027W83S 1026W84S
— — — — — — — —
1016W81A 1016W88A 1015W82A 1017W82A 1016W80A 1015W83A 1017W83A 1016W84A
1026W81A 1026W88A 1025W82A 1027W82A 1026W80A 1025W83A 1027W83A 1026W84A
  24’’ 60’’
84’’ 1007W42S
72’’ 1006W40S
   36’’ 60’’
84’’ 1007W43S
72’’ 1006W44S
72’’ 1016W41S 72’’ 1016W48S
1016W41A 1016W48A 1015W42A 1017W42A 1016W40A 1015W43A 1017W43A 1016W44A
1016W51S 1016W58S 1015W52S 1017W52S 1016W50S 1015W53S 1017W53S 1016W54S
1016W51A 1016W58A 1015W52A 1017W52A 1016W50A 1015W53A 1017W53A 1016W54A
1016W61S 1016W68S 1015W62S 1017W62S 1016W60S 1015W63S 1017W63S 1016W64S
1026W61S 1026W68S 1025W62S 1027W62S 1026W60S 1025W63S 1027W63S 1026W64S
   Medium duty (from 1500 lbs. to 2000 lbs. For specific capacities see chart on page 24)
  24’’ 60’’
84’’ 1017W42S
72’’ 1016W40S
    36’’ 60’’
84’’ 1017W43S
72’’ 1016W44S
   Heavy duty (over 2000 lbs. For specific capacities see chart on page 24)
 72’’ 1026W41S 72’’ 1026W48S
1026W41A 1026W48A 1025W42A 1027W42A 1026W40A 1025W43A 1027W43A 1026W44A
1026W51S 1026W58S 1025W52S 1027W52S 1026W50S 1025W53S 1027W53S 1026W54S
1026W51A 1026W58A 1025W52A 1027W52A 1026W50A 1025W53A 1027W53A 1026W54A
  24’’ 60’’
84’’ 1027W42S
72’’ 1026W40S
   36’’ 60’’
84’’ 1027W43S
72’’ 1026W44S
V-GripTM Bulk Rack
V-Grip Bulk Rack is designed to accommodate longer spans and heavier
loads than conventional shelving. Bulk Rack beams engage V-Grip upright posts providing a rigid connection. Bulk Rack levels are designed to carry load capacities from 1500 lbs. to 3000 lbs. per level, depending on beam span length and deck material used.
The units to the right are shown with optional wire decking for the top shelf and corrugated steel decking unit for the bottom shelf.
Three level bulk rack with decking
15’’ 60’’ NEW! 18’’ 60’’
1005W41A 1005W48A 1007W48A 1006W42A 1005W40A 1007W40A 1006W43A 1005W44A 1007W44A
1015W41A 1015W48A 1017W48A 1016W42A 1015W40A 1017W40A 1016W43A 1015W44A 1017W44A
1025W41A 1025W48A 1027W48A 1026W42A 1025W40A 1027W40A 1026W43A 1025W44A 1027W44A
1005W51S 1005W58S 1007W58S 1006W52S 1005W50S 1007W50S 1006W53S 1005W54S 1007W54S
1015W51S 1015W58S 1017W58S 1016W52S 1015W50S 1017W50S 1016W53S 1015W54S 1017W54S
1025W51S 1025W58S 1027W58S 1026W52S 1025W50S 1027W50S 1026W53S 1025W54S 1027W54S
1005W51A 1005W58A 1007W58A 1006W52A 1005W50A 1007W50A 1006W53A 1005W54A 1007W54A
1015W51A 1015W58A 1017W58A 1016W52A 1015W50A 1017W50A 1016W53A 1015W54A 1017W54A
1025W51A 1025W58A 1027W58A 1026W52A 1025W50A 1027W50A 1026W53A 1025W54A 1027W54A
1005W61S 1005W68S 1007W68S 1006W62S 1005W60S 1007W60S 1006W63S 1005W64S 1007W64S
1015W61S 1015W68S 1017W68S 1016W62S 1015W60S 1017W60S 1016W63S 1015W64S 1017W64S
1025W61S 1025W68S 1027W68S 1026W62S 1025W60S 1027W60S 1026W63S 1025W64S 1027W64S
1005W61A 1005W68A 1007W68A 1006W62A 1005W60A 1007W60A 1006W63A 1005W64A 1007W64A
1015W61A 1015W68A 1017W68A 1016W62A 1015W60A 1017W60A 1016W63A 1015W64A 1017W64A
1025W61A 1025W68A 1027W68A 1026W62A 1025W60A 1027W60A 1026W63A 1025W64A 1027W64A
— — — — — — — — —
1015W81S 1015W88S 1017W88S 1016W82S 1015W80S 1017W80S 1016W83S 1015W84S 1017W84S
1025W81S 1025W88S 1027W88S 1026W82S 1025W80S 1027W80S 1026W83S 1025W84S 1027W84S
— — — — — — — — —
1015W81A 1015W88A 1017W88A 1016W82A 1015W80A 1017W80A 1016W83A 1015W84A 1017W84A
1025W81A 1025W88A 1027W88A 1026W82A 1025W80A 1027W80A 1026W83A 1025W84A 1027W84A
 1005W48S 84’’ 1007W48S 72’’ 1006W42S
 30’’ 60’’
84’’ 1007W40S
72’’ 1006W43S
48’’ 60’’
84’’ 1007W44S
15’’ 60’’ NEW! 18’’ 60’’
15’’ 60’’ NEW! 18’’ 60’’
1015W48S 84’’ 1017W48S 72’’ 1016W42S
30’’ 60’’
84’’ 1027W40S
72’’ 1026W43S
48’’ 60’’
84’’ 1027W44S
  30’’ 60’’
84’’ 1017W40S
72’’ 1016W43S
48’’ 60’’
84’’ 1017W44S
 1025W48S 84’’ 1027W48S 72’’ 1026W42S
Wire Shelving
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