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              Iron Grip® Shelving
The heavier the load the tighter the grip!
Equipto Iron Grip® features the strongest, most resourceful system.
• Quick shelf placement without tools; just a simple, solid steel stud
at every shelf corner.
• Independent unit concept is engineered for strength, and is infinitely
adjustable for custom fitting to your specific needs.
• Iron Grip shelving provides superior strength for heavy applications
• Add drawers, dividers, bin fronts, bases or doors for your specific applications
• The largest upright anywhere, with a heavy gauge stud in each
shelf corner which locks a double thickness of metal together
• Stud grip increases as additional weight is added to shelf
Heights: Iron Grip shelving units come in 84” height, 385/8’’, 431/8’’, 60”, 72”, 96”, 120” and 180” high units are also available. Any other heights by special order.
Specify desired height; we’ll provide a prompt quotation.
PLEASE NOTE: This shelving is not interchangeable with V-Grip.
   Superior Iron Grip strength automatically provides crucial 4-point reinforcement to shelves.
The tapered stud engages a sloped, key-shaped hole in the upright for instant binding strength.
Built to last. Studs are plated; other parts have oven-baked enamel surfaces, and all formed from prime rolled steel.
Durable 18-gauge shelves feature box-formed edges on all four sides. Adding 13-gauge, U-formed channels (3/8’’ x 13/32’’) provides extra strength reinforcement on heavily loaded shelves. For heaviest use, also add end and center channels. Angles (1’’ x 1’’) made of 1/8’’ thick carbon steel provide optional reinforcement at the ends.
High visibility panels
Equipto furnishes high visibility white back and end panels on Iron Grip shelving units, regardless of the color of other. Standard color on Iron Grip shelving is office gray with white panels. Optional decorator colors will also be shipped with white panels unless you specify otherwise.
• 1’’ x 23/8’’ uprights (13 gauge), are the largest anywhere. Side embossing adds even more strength and rigidity to the unit
• Iron Grip shelf studs allow adjustment of shelves instantly on 11/2’’ centers
• Front and rear shelf flanges extend around the sides past keyhole. Steel stud binds both flanges to upright
• Dividers adjust on 1’’ centers with Speedy clips on 36’’ wide shelving (3’’ centers on 48’’ widths)
             Part No. 10392
Iron grip key
Shown in color for clarity, parts are actually zinc plated
  Fasten any two shelving units together quickly and easily. Easy-access keys remove just as simply, allowing rearrangement of any unit without disturbing adjacent units
U.S. patent No. 2,824,775
Use Iron Grip shelving in a variety of configurations: free-standing; side-by-side; back-to-back; or arranged in efficient work centers. Each shelf unit has four uprights.
 A standard color chart is available on page 146.
Part No. 10394
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