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            EQUIPTO’s History
Recognized for innovation, quality and service, Equipto storage equipment is proudly manufactured in Tatamy, PA.
It all began in 1907, when Thomas M. Dunham began developing motorcycle headlights and sidecars in Aurora, Illinois. With the increase in automobile production, motorcycle parts soon were not in such high demand, so Equipto began producing body parts for Ford Motor Company’s Model T Chassis. As the relationship with the car industry flourished, Dunham heard other needs within the automotive industry. One car dealer needed heavy-duty shelving to store large, heavy car parts and the idea for space storage and utilization was born.
Equipto can be your single source for the largest offering of Innovative Storage Solutions. Products we proudly manufacture include: Shelving and Racks, Modular Storage Cabinets, Small Parts Storage Systems, Mobile Aisle Storage Systems, Platforms and Mezzanines, Stairways and Crosswalks, Workcenters and Workbenches, Storage Cabinets, Carts, and Military Storage Systems. Equipto provides a limited lifetime warranty.
After more than 100 years, Equipto’s customer base reaches across the U.S. and the world.
Equipto’s Mission
EQUIPTO's mission is to become your preferred provider in the material storage market by offering a broad line of products and services that fulfill the needs of our customers with high-quality items manufactured in the USA. We will accomplish this by:
1. Breadth of products and Product flexibility and modularity
2. Made in USA
3. Broad range of colors available
4. Installation services — full and supervisory
5. Reliable, on-time delivery
6. High quality of products

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