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             CONNEX Modules
An EQUIPTO Connex Module is designed to organize your storage container, however, that does not limit your use. When you are finished using the Connex Module in a storage container, you can easily relocate the Module
for additional storage into Bench Stock, Parts Room or a Tool Room.
Once you have decided where to install the Module, EQUIPTO offers endless opportunities to expand your storage horizons. Looking for additional storage capacity in the same area, your Connex Module can evolve into a Deck-over Mezzanine Structure or a High Density Mobile Aisle Storage System.
Starter Unit
Starter Unit
All Modules are 20’ long with shelving units at a depth of 24” and a height of 90”
Starter Unit
Starter Unit
     Modules available for both Stationary and Deployable Connex Modules
Images are a rendered version of the final product. Actual product may vary. A standard color chart is available on page 146.
Military Storage Solutions

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