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 Part No.
Width Depth
Additional Shelf
 QVC361842 QVC362478
QVS Cabinet QVS Cabinet
36” 18” 36” 24”
42” 78”
514-1836 514-2436
  Part No.
Description (W x D)
Dolly for 36” x 24” Cabinet
Part Number
QVC361878LP-001 QVC361878LPBC
Part Number
Part Number
Cabinet fully loaded with 66 050-0230 bins without back cover QVC361878LP with a back cover
Back cover to conceal louver holes
Description Bins required to fill cabinet
7-3/8" x 4-1/8" x 3" 10lb capacity bin 136
           Quick-View Storage Cabinets
Wall Hung QVS Cabinet
QVS Cabinet
QVS Cabinet
30” 12” 26”
36” 18” 78”
48” 24” 78”
514-1836 NEW!
  *SU=set up. You may order an assembled unit upon request by adding a “SU” to the end of the part no. (an additional fee will apply). Shelves do not require separate hardware.
CD1836 CD2448
Dolly for 36” x 18” Cabinet Dolly for 48” x 24” Cabinet
Quick View Storage Cabinets with Bins
QVC361878LPBC-001 QVC361878LP-001 with a back cover and 66 plastic bins
QVC361878LP Cabinet with louver back panel, no bins or shelf
Add SU to end of part number for assembled unit, i.e. QVC361878LP-001SU
Equipto Quick-View Cabinets are designed
for both easy visibility and security of personal belongings, books, files, equipment supplies parts, etc. Clean styling and durable construction make these cabinets ideal for both office and industrial environments.
• UV, break and scratch resistant plastic Lexan panels are mounted in both door frames for an unobstructed view of the cabinet’s contents.
• Each shelf has a 225 lb. weight capacity with 2” increment height adjustability.
• Cabinet doors have a 3-point locking mechanism with one chrome plated handle. (2 keys)
• Multiple cabinets will be keyed alike
• Dollies are available for the 78” high
cabinets to add mobility
Equipto Quick-View Storage Cabinets offer the perfect appearance, capacity, visibility and security for your plant or office.
Quick-View Bin Cabinet
  Cabinet with custom bin and shelf layout
050-0230Y 050-0220Y 050-0200Y
Individual Parts
090-4885 514-1836
Individual Bins
Louver back panel Shelf
5" x 4-1/8" x 3" 8lb capacity bin 136
A standard color chart is available on page 146.
10-1/2" x 5-1/2" x 5" 30lb capacity bin 72
Storage Cabinets

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