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              EquiptoBay Workcenters
Self configured tech bench systems
The EQUIPTO Bay is a modular Workbench system which can be preconfigured in numerous designs according
to individual customer requirements.
All features can be used in a single or double bench setup. Please contact Equipto Inside Sales to build your bench today!
• Versatile Preconfigured Workbench Systems
• Lower Workbench provided with Sliding Doors or Reel Cabinets
• Stainless Steel Counters and Chaseway
• Lockable Double Bank Tool Cabinets
• 200 lb. Drawer Weight Capacity
• Drawers lined with Rubber Protection Mats
• Tool Cart Lockers to Store and Secure Tools
• Tool Carts available with Optional Wheel Locks
• Adaptable to facility space restrictions
• Ease of installation and assembly
• Ability to relocate and modify for expansion
• Modular Design
• Various color options available
• Economical Standard Preconfigured Work Units
• Can be used in service, maintenance or production areas
• Provides a safe and organized work environment (OSHA)
• Ergonomic design
• Green Compliant
Lower units have 77-1/32"H uprights in the back to hang the upper cabinets on. If no Uppers you can remove the uprights/bracing if you field attach the units to 38"H modular cabinet. Remove the following from the BOM 46081-04EBA, 46081-308 or 46081- 306, 46081-307, 46081-308 or 46081-306, 46081-307, 46081-305, 46081-304 and 46081-332 (check BOM
of item in JDE for qty and part numbers, units will not have all the above #'s referenced).
Cart fits safe and secure inside locker
            Workcenters & Workbenches
A standard color chart is available on page 146.
Total height of bench with SS top, 28-3/4"H

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