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  Shelving Starter Add-On Width Depth Height
 36 48
Part No.
43878-07 43878-09
24 24
Shelf Size
36 x 24 48 x 24
84 84
‘A’-Length of pan
34 46
43878-07S 43878-09S
‘B’-Width of pan
22 22
43878-07A 43878-09A
6.5 Gallons 9 Gallons
     Part Number
#273-5-3-2-36M System (3) 36"W Stationary V-GripTM Closed Shelving Units, (2) Mobile 36"W Shelving Unit – Total width 108"
             V-GripTM Spill Containment System
Utilizing our V-GripTM wire shelving and our drip containment system, you can now have shelving fully capable of containing the occasional drip or spill from any fluid you need to store. At the same time, get the benefit from multiple levels to increase your storage capacity — no longer do you have to keep all of your fluid containers and drums on the floor. Available for four of our most popular shelf sizes.
Pre-configured wire shelving with spill containment trays (all 84” tall shelving units with 4 shelves and trays)
36 18 84 48 18 84
Spill tray only
43878-01 36 x 18 34 43878-08 48 x 18 46
43878-01S 43878-08S
16 16
43878-01A 43878-08A
5 Gallons 6.5 Gallons
        Spill pan is 21/4” deep and hooks under a wire shelf.
Lateral Mobile Aisle with V-GripTM Shelving
Make the most of limited space with Equipto's affordable, high-density system that dramatically increase storage capacity while still permitting immediate access to all storage areas. Movable-lateral systems consist of stationary shelving in the back row and movable shelving in the front row. The movable shelving units are mounted to mobile carriages that are easily moved from side to side on a heavy-duty track. This type of system is exceptionally flexible, can be easily expanded at any time, and provides fast access to multiple layers of storage.
• Buy complete or integrate with your existing storage equipment
• Lateral Track system creates two or three sliding rows of storage
• Mounted independently to the floor in front of new or existing equipment
• No aisles are required, maximum floor space is utilized
• Perfect for alcoves and limited spaces
• Bi-File (two-row) and Tri-File (three-row) high-density lateral sliding shelving
systems are an afforable way to maximize storage capacity
• Double or triple the storage space compared to static shelving
The system works well with virtually any type of inventories/equipment and is effective in maximizing storage capacity along walls in narrow rooms or corridors. The concept of the high density lateral sliding shelving system is simple: two or three rows of storage equipment placed in nearly the same footprint where there was once only one!
Standard Shelving Units – 84"H x 18"D, overall height of 90"
#273-5-2-1-36M System #273-5-4-3-36M System
(2) 36"W Stationary V-GripTM Closed Shelving Units, (1) Mobile 36"W Shelving Unit – Total width 72"
(4) 36"W Stationary V-GripTM Closed Shelving Units, (3) Mobile 36"W Shelving Unit – Total width 144"
A standard color chart is available on page 146.
Shelving & Racks

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