EQUIPTO National Sales Contacts
Name Postion/Title State Sales Coverage Phone Number Email Address   Customer Service Representative CSR Phone Number CSR Email Adddress
Randy Prinder VP of Sales National 484-274-9373 rprinder@equipto.com   Helen Martin 610-330-6564 hmartin@equipto.com
Alan Lewis District Sales Manager CO, IA, MN, MO,MT, ND, NE, SD, WY 952-818-1077 alewis@equipto.com   Jason Lamas 610-330-6523 jlamas@equipto.com
Bill Gobber District Sales Manager IL, IN, KY, MI, WI 630-881-3323 wgobber@equipto.com   Jason Lamas 610-330-6523 jlamas@equipto.com
Bryan Gullett District Sales Manager GA, NC, SC, TN 910-546-7920 bgullett@equipto.com   Armin Tenorio 610-330-6547 atenorio@equipto.com
Gary Davis District Sales Manager CT, MA, ME, NH, Upstate NY, RI, VT 401-688-0955 gdavis@equipto.com   Armin Tenorio 610-330-6547 atenorio@equipto.com
Herb Eichstadt Mfg Representative OH, W.PA, W.VA, W. NY 216-212-1489 heichstadt@equipto.com   Jason Lamas 610-330-6523 jlamas@equipto.com
Jeff Williams Director of Government Sales & International National/ International 610-703-4684 jwilliams@equipto.com   Helen Martin 610-330-6564 hmartin@equipto.com
Kelly Kellams District Sales Manager AL, FL, MS 407-718-0740 kkellams@equipto.com   Armin Tenorio 610-330-6547 atenorio@equipto.com
Les Farr District Sales Manager AR, KS, LA, NM, OK, TX 214-300-9980 lfarr@equipto.com   Jason Lamas 610-330-6523 jlamas@equipto.com
Tim Malolepsy District Sales Manager AK, AZ, CA, HI, ID, NV, OR, UT, WA 760-443-3306 tmalolepsy@equipto.com   Jason Lamas 610-330-6523 jlamas@equipto.com
Tom Marchiano District Sales Manager DE, NJ, Long Island NY, E. PA 609-417-6984 tmarchiano@equipto.com   Armin Tenorio 610-330-6547 atenorio@equipto.com
Tracy Buck District Sales Manager DC, MD, VA 434-534-7299 tbuck@equipto.com   Armin Tenorio 610-330-6547 atenorio@equipto.com
Phone: 610-253-2775 Phone #:  1-800-323-0801
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